2012-2023 and counting

New Cognito

New Cognito design and develop tailor-made solutions for the most challenging and complex projects, by creating partnerships that positively affect the citizens of an entire country.
New Cognito
Branding, Strategy
The Challenge

The Solution

New Cognito is a brand with a rare ability - to change the reality of a country and its citizens.

Their goal is to convince decision-makers in big national tenders, in various fields (communications infrastructure, cellular, broadcast and news, cloud services, etc.), to make their decision based on factors other than the lowest bid available.
The Solution

The Solution

The realization that the brand you chose to build infrastructure in your country doesn't just bring steel or technology, it brings progress, new employment opportunities, and a completely different future for your children. It brings better communication to the world, entertainment, security, and connections.

Most importantly... it brings gratitude for the tremendous privilege that influences and shapes reality for the better.
Building the foundations of a better future
Brand Story

The Solution

The opportunity to leave a mark. To change the future. To teach. To push forward. To influence. And mainly to produce a partnership of destiny that will affect the inhabitants of an entire country. We are privileged to build a better future.