2012-2023 and counting


Bites is an Israeli startup that has developed a Media-friendly content creating and sharing tool, to train frontline employees faster and better with engaging, and interactive learning content.
Branding, Strategy
The Challenge

The Challenge

The world of learning management systems for companies and organizations is mostly dominated by burdensome platforms. They enable the creation of educational content, but in a gray and boring way.
In addition, the content is shared through a dedicated application that the employees have to install in order to view this content, which leads to very low employee engagement.

Bites has developed an application that allows easy, simple and fun content creation (similar to making an Instagram story), while keeping the sharing of content on preexisting and familiar platforms such as WhatsApp, Slack and more.

The challenge was to create a brand (and app) that on the one hand, knows how to talk to organizations and present a product that provides a real solution, and on the other hand, has a lively and creative character, which will make the employees creating the content and those who consume it enjoy the process.
The Solution

The Solution

We knew we had to change the approach. We must tear down the wall between the private and business worlds.The solution was to give the content creators and the employees who engage with it, an app that looks and speaks in a language they understand, just like a social network.
A professional content creating and sharing tool, that frontline employees really get.