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Canonic is a subsidiary of Evogene – a world-renowned computational biology powerhouse – with the goal of innovating and bringing advanced scientific methods to the medical cannabis industry.
Moses Deli
Branding, Strategy
The Challenge

The Solution

The medical cannabis category in Israel suffers from tough competition and a lack of real ability to differentiate brands.

The consumer is exposed to hundreds of brands, names, and colors.

The varying quality of the products can often lead to the consumer's disappointment. This leads many consumers to "stick" to a brand that has not disappointed them in the past, and there is a real struggle in convincing them to "trust" a new brand.
The Solution

The Solution

Through precise plant characterization capabilities and with the help of advanced computational analysis, Canonic can speed up and significantly shorten processes that usually take decades, or even hundreds of years, and bring to the market elite varieties of medicinal cannabis.

The branding solution was to create a visual expression that tells this story of scientific innovation. This visual expression illustrates the selection process by Canonic that succeeds in choosing the desired seed and producing the best variety from it.
Cultivated by science
The Brand Story

The Solution

Canonic aims to change the medicinal cannabis market in Israel, using groundbreaking technological and scientific capabilities. Canonic is able to "scan" hundreds of cannabis strands, and to know beforehand (before cultivation) which seed will succeed and grow into impressive inflorescences.
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