2012-2023 and counting


Shagrir is a well-known Israeli brand that focuses on roadside services.
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The Challenge

The Solution

Shagrir has an unusual problem. The brand got "too successful".  Shagrir’s logo is familiar to every Israeli; most of us have even been rescued by Shagrir at least once when stuck by the roadside. This is exactly where the problem lies.

We all associate "Shagrir" immediately and exclusively with this rescuing service. This makes it very difficult for the brand to develop and expand into different and more diverse services.
The Solution

The Solution

In the strategic analysis and research we've done, we discovered that Shagrir takes on tasks that we all prefer not to do. Nobody likes (and that's an understatement) to take their car to the annual checkup, go to the garage, or change a flat tire on a hot day. We would all prefer to delegate that to someone else and just relax. This was our eureka moment, there is someone like that! We will do the dirty work, you just sit back and chill. We got you.
The Brand Story

The Solution

It always happens at the most inconvenient time. It can ruin your day, or worse, your whole week.

You don't really understand the lingo and hate dealing with it. You have already had countless unpleasant experiences. There were times when you left with the feeling that you were being hustled. You felt that they took advantage of the fact that you were in a hurry and you just wanted to get it done.

From now on, just leave it to us. We’re the experts - In service, in maintenance, in the annual checkups, in taking your vehicle and returning it in top-notch condition. By renewing what's needed when needed.  We do it all.You just do you. Continue your daily routine, and let us deal with it.
The Impact

The Solution

The branding has managed not only to produce a new and fresh look for the brand but also a completely new typographic language of “problems and solutions”.

The brand logo is used shrewdly, which in turn greatly strengthens the recognition of Shagrir as a solution to varying problems in the automotive world.